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WEBSITE design

Do you want an attractive, intuitive website that you can easily update yourself (should you wish to do so)? 

Do you want a flexible, collaborative designer with highly competitive rates and on-going training and support where needed?

Cut to the Chase Creative is a different kind of web designer: Once the brand and preference audit has been done, you can choose how closely you want to be involved in the website design process. Some clients want to collaborate very closely and learn to manage their site as a part of the process whereas others are happy to receive regular updates and only receive access to the site once it is ready to be published. In either case, on-going support continues to be available for a very reasonable hourly rate.   


Usual range is between $900-$1200 (the lower end is for simple 2-3 page sites that do not take payments). We can also agree on an hourly rate if the scope is unclear and there may be ongoing needs.  

Process with clients 

  • Initial contact: Establishing the scope of the required work via email, phone or Zoom (with indication given in regards to fees). I will also send a form to fill in that will help me in the design process.  

  • Proposal: I will send you a proposal confirming expected fees and timeline

  • Payment: Once the proposal has been accepted, an invoice for a non-refundable design fee (50% of the expected cost) will be sent at the start of the project. Although depending on the type of work (and partly on your preferences), you may also receive weekly invoices or progress invoices. Final payment will be due once the website is ready to be published. Depending on the work needed, I can also provide my services at an hourly rate rather than a project rate. 

  • Commencement: Once I’ve received an email confirmation and the first payment, I will begin work according to the expected timeline.

  • Communication: Communication will be primarily through email. I will reply to emails (where needed) within 3 days and I expect the same from you.   

  • Progress: I will send you progress updates throughout the process to make sure we're on the same page.

Design process 

  • Discover – getting to know the client and their business

  • Design – fonts, colours, style, presentation, etc

  • Also possible: Image sourcing and/or copywriting/editing 

  • Plan – sitemap, user experience (UX), SEO (keyword research)​

  • Development 1st stage – building the desktop site 

  • Development 2nd stage – optimising the mobile site and SEO settings

  • Launch – publish the site 

  • Maintain - troubleshoot / edit where needed

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