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Cut to the Chase Creative is owned by Terhi Runnalls, a freelance graphic designer, website designer and communications professional, who lives and works in Hurstbridge, Victoria, at the northeastern edges of Melbourne. 

Terhi's philosophy is all about empowering and assisting small business owners working with smaller budgets. She knows that small businesses rely on multi-tasking and this is something that she is uniquely suited to (as a creative professional, she can assist with anything from website and logo design to social media content creation and photo/video editing - and anything in between).


She also understands that every business needs a different level of continued assistance. For example, you may choose to minimise your ongoing expenses by learning from Terhi how to self-manage your (new) website, newsletters and other communication and marketing efforts. Alternatively, higher levels of support are also available. In addition to meeting your immediate requirements, Terhi can provide useful long-term recommendations (from SEO to social media) to be implemented at your own pace.


Get in touch now. Let's discuss your design needs and bring your ideas to life.


Thank You!

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