Cut to the Chase Creative

SEO assessment

Cut to the Chase Creative offers SEO assessments to small businesses. SEO stands for 'search engine optimisation' and it refers to your ranking in search results (i.e. your site's position in search results) when people search for particular services. In other words, SEO works to improve your site's visibility in (relevant / popular) search results. 

Here are some of the areas that affect your ranking and can therefore be worked on (note: some of these can be changed quickly, others take long-term planning and work): 


  • Keywords > Doing a keyword research to determine the best keywords for your site (i.e. keywords with a high number of searches and low competition)

  • Content quality > Editing your site with relevant, high quality text (and sufficient content, e.g. in the form of blogs) 

  • Crawlability > Making sure each page is linked to other pages on the site 

  • Mobile-friendliness > Checking and editing your mobile site / view

  • Authority > Linking the site to and from other sites of high authority and credibility

  • Finally, registering your business in Google Maps (Google My Business) also tends to improve visibility for people searching services in particular areas

Cut to the Chase Creative's primary approach is to conduct an assessment of the current situation and areas of improvement and provide advice on how to make improvements, i.e. empowering small business owners to do much of this work themselves. However, Terhi can also do some of the work for you.